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María JL Hierro

Mar A Jl Hierro


María JL Hierro is a 33-year-old from Huelva, a civil and preventive engineer. Her artistic concern has led her to combine her two passions: art and engineering. Her work is attentive and delicate, shows the beauty from the simplicity provided by chance and the certainty that causality shows. Interested more in good ideas than in techniques, she knows how to interpret realities and dreams with few strokes. “Minimal” person who has come to be designated as the “new rock art”.

She has exhibited individually in Huelva and Cáceres. And collectively in those same cities, as well as in Madrid, Berlin, Palma de Mallorca and Tetuán. She has participated in Hybrid Festival (Madrid), Arte Room Fair (Madrid) and Art & Breakfast (Málaga).

She is part of the team of textile illustrators of Rip Shop. She has published (2016) the book “Lurra” with the artists Irene Cruz and Juan Yuste del Valle, the book “Scars” (2016) with Irene Cruz and the poet Neus Pérez and the Choquero Calendar (2015 and 2018).

In addition, together with the artist Enrique Rivero, she carried out the BATA ROSA project (2018) and was the founder of the LAECLÉCTICA art space (Huelva).

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