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Our origins

Magasé Art Gallery was born from the firm commitment of its founders to the culture. After founding Magasé Ediciones in 2011, eight years later it was the love of the plastic arts as a form of human expression, which gives rise to this unique art gallery.

In the territory that separates the provinces of Huelva and Seville, between the sea and the Huelva mountain range, Magasé has its origin. In the magnificent enclave that the Palm of the Country supposes.

Since its inception Magasé has always opted for quality, both in substance and in form. The just demand that provokes a continuous and evolutionary development.

Magasé has brought together a group of artists of recognized national and international prestige, together to publicize their creations and also promote and promote knowledge of contemporary arts.

Since its inception Magasé has had the objective of being able to provide the customer with an object of value, with which to enjoy, learn and get excited


Magasé is born from the certainty that culture is the base for creating a better society, being the fundamental artistic expression for its evolution. Therefore, our purpose is to get the works of our artists through the classic channels and through the Internet as well as to search and create new ways to integrate art into our society.


We believe that the culture is the vehicle through which, being a human is being capable of making himself a free being within his coexistence environment.

Art, with all its content and as an object must adapt to the moment of constant change in which today’s society lives, providing personal and direct contact while using new developments and new technological trends.


Freedom as a engine of creativity, expression and coexistence of different styles and visions. Freedom as a pillar of the evolution of the human and the society where they are integrated.

Committed to our environment and respect for the environment, we also promote the values of a fair economy, and the principles of honesty, integrity, equality, solidarity, excellence and creativity.